Jon Ossoff cadence/accent明星人体艺术照最新章节列表_明星人体艺术照最新章节目录,老师把我奶头掏出来吃漫画最新章节目录_老师把我奶头掏出 ,一吻二脱三床四吻胸最新章节_一吻二脱三床四吻胸最新章节
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Is there a name or origin or any reading material about his cadence/accent? It's wonderful and very deliberate. My friend pointed out that Pete Buttigieg has a similar speaking style, and I guess perhaps Obama had it too.
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Brief but highly relevant article
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As some one who grew up in the South and in church, that is typical Preacher Voice. I can see how it could be very specifically Black Preacher, but I heard it in both white and Black churches.

Unlike the article, I think it is very purposeful, a studied and calculated rhetorical cadence designed to keep people engaged.
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This Atlantic piece focuses on Mayor Pete but mentions Ossoff. It doesn't have a name except to call this "Obama-lite." And here's a piece about Obama's oration skills that might help you think through what you are hearing. It may partly be that it's more common to hear strong oration skills in movies than with real life politicians?
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Ossoff just sounds charmingly Southern to me (a NYer). I don’t have much sense of different southern accents, but I wouldn’t associate the way he speaks with Obama at all — he just sounds very appealingly Southern-public-speaking.
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There's some interesting stuff here on how Obama used long pauses in his speeches and its relationship to preaching. (Edited to add that Ossoff seems to use the pause similarly to Obama)
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